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-Second prize on the MPVP on EVA 2019!-



Wormhole got second place on the MPVP prize on the EVA 2019!

We are very happy with the result, and besides the prize itself we had a very rich experience on the EVA where a lot of people tried the demo in front of us and gave us very valuable feedback.




Thanks to all who supported us on the event.










-GDC cancelled-




In December 2019 FUNDAV had awarded us an entry to the GDC 2020 that was going to take place in San Francisco. I had personally planned the trip and arranged with some publishers to do meetings and talk about Wormhole.


Unfortunately and for reasons that we all know (COVID-19), the event was postponed to August 2020.


Hopefully, this crisis will soon lessen for the good of all.


Take care!




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Wormhole it's our first big project. It's under development sice June 2016 with a lot of dedication


It's a turn-based administration and strategy game where player manges a human faction on a New Galaxy discovered through a misterious wormhole.


You can follow closely the development on game Itch.io page. 


We have a more information about the game, a devlog, and an alpha demo it's available for download.


Demo in english available.



                                         I wan't to go to Itch.io page!


Discord: Join our Discord community and chat with us and other members about Wormhole and more!

- About Us -


Mi name is Pablo, i have 29 year's old and im the founder of Real Fantasy Games.


The study, as such, it's slowly taking shape.

We have in our plans to grow with time and to offer the best videogame quality.





I was always intruigued by the "How do they make a videogame?" and that took me to experiment with different programs and mod making since i was 18 years old.


With a few interesting things done, i was never really serious about it. The idea of creating a video game from zero seemed like an impossible task.


In June 2016 i decided to try Unity. Started with some tests and then i wanted to make a simple topdown spaceship shooter, inspired on an old game i used to play.


Since then, i decided to add a context to it, a reason why for the ships to battle each other.


I was carried away by it, and now that project became an administration and strategy game called Wormhole (still on development).


Music it's created by my brother Matías: martin.m.koffler@gmail.com


Martin, Pablo Nicolás

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